About VITA farms

|| Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam ||

To Prolong Life And Promote Good Health.

Established in 2015,  Vita Farms was started with the pure thought of providing Vedic A2 milk from the cow , without any  adulteration ,directly to the consumers table. To ensure the highest standards of quality we developed a  farm where happy and healthy cows breed. Ventilated sheds , compost bedding , clean drinking water round the clock ensures our cows at at comfort in all seasons. The cows are Hand-milked in traditional way.

The Gir Cows At Vita Farms

The Gir cows at Vita Farms are allowed to roam freely around the farm, and soak in the sunlight , while they feast on organic and balanced nutrition fodder. We strongly believe in pure Ahimsa milk , the calf is well-fed before each cow is milked.

With the most advanced Gir cows farm we at Vita Farms ensure the production and distribution of 100% natural farm fresh A2 milk by organizing all the activities at our farm in the most holistic and vedic way. To ensure maximum preservation of nutrients the milk is made available at your doorstep within few hours of milking.

Our Resort

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami ,2021 , we have now launched our beautifully designed boutique resort . It’s a one of its kind concept Where guests can have a wonderful time and also see and feed holy Gir Cows.

त्वं माता सर्व देवानां त्वं च यज्ञस्य कारणम् । त्वं तीर्थ सर्वतीर्थानां नमस्तेस्तु सदानधे ।

Vita Farms is committed to preserve Indian cow breed, provide genuine Vedic A2 milk and create a holistic and fun filled farm experience.
Our mission is to preserve Indian breed desi cows before we lost them completely. VITA farms committed to provide vedic(A2) traditional milk across Mumbai