स्वादु शीतं मृदु स्निग्धं बहलं श्लक्ष्णपिच्छिलम्|
गुरु मन्दं प्रसन्नं च गव्यं दशगुणं पयः||२१७||
तदेवङ्गुणमेवौजः सामान्यादभिवर्धयेत्|
प्रवरं जीवनीयानां क्षीरमुक्तं रसायनम्||२१८||

svādu śītaṃ mṛdu snigdhaṃ bahalaṃ ślakṣṇapicchilam|
guru mandaṃ prasannaṃ ca gavyaṃ daśaguṇaṃ payaḥ||217||
tadevaṅguṇamevaujaḥ sāmānyādabhivardhayet|
pravaraṃ jīvanīyānāṃ kṣīramuktaṃ rasāyanam||218||
– Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 27

Cow milk has ten properties

  • Swadu – Sweetness
  • Sheeta – Cold
  • Mrudu – Soft
  • Snigdha – Unctuous, Oily
  • Bahala – Density, Thick
  • Shlakshna – Smoothness
  • Picchila – Slimeness, Stickiness
  • Guru – Heavy
  • Manda – Slowness
  • Prasanna – Calming, Clarity

These are also the properties of Ojas. So milk having identical properties is conducive to thee promotion of Ojas, thus milk is an elixir per excellence (Rasyana).

The milk of the native cow offers a host of goodness in the form of nutrients, for instance it has over 25 types of minerals and vitamins that are essential for a person's overall development.

CharakaSamhita, an ancient Indian text on naturalmedicine, has several references to using the Desi cow milk and its products for the treatment of various ailments. So, think about this the next time you buy milk, do you want to have one that cures your ailments or the one that causes it, just because its priced less?

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It is also important for kids to have their daily dose of milk because the Indian cow milk also boosts the cognitive performance by improving general nutrition as well as specifically promoting brain growth, both of which are essential in the developmental stage of life.

It is always ideal to buy milk from locally grown Desi breed cows that are reared in a healthy, natural habitat.