Theoretically I knew difference between A1 & A2 milk. My search for it made me experiment with all brands including organic brand's. But, when I first tired VITA FARMS organic A2 sample milk, I realized the other brands were no where close to real A2 milk. The color, texture, and taste were different. Also, my maid who has lived all her life in village, said this is pure cow milk. Finally my search for A2 organic milk was over. I know Mr Raghav Aggarwal, he is passionate about idea to make world a better place to live in. He is contributing his bit, by working really very hard. Thank you, for this initiative, which is going to make our future generations healthy.

Dr Suvarna shinde

Vita milk is truly wonderful!! Fresh cows milk delivered home hygienically!! Once I learnt about the benefits of A2 milk and found such a wonderful facility to provide us with this wholesome organic milk there was no hesitation in contacting Raghav and joining his clientele list. Delicious malai...and we make our own ghee from the cream!! Raghav is very approachable and prompt in all communication. Truly glad to be a part of Vita Farms and looking forward to more organic products!! Best wishes!!

Vicckey Ajwani, Film Maker, Juhu

I particularly like the clean fresh taste of the milk from Vita farms. Both my son and I are able to digest this milk better. Importantly it is not yellow or watery like other desi cow's milk and makes for amazing fresh and light Dahi.

Renu Bansal, Working professional, Powai

Vitamilk is the best milk to drink if you care for you and your family's health. Gir cow milk is very nutritious and delicious,can say this as I have been drinking this milk since many months now. The delivery is prompt and the packaging is also very hygienic. Definitely recommended.

Sanjay Chawla, Businessman

I first got to know about Vita Farm's raw, unprocessed Desi Gir Cow's Vedic A2 milk from a friend who saw their ad in Times of India. Buffalo's raw, unprocessed milk i could find easily in Mumbai, but finding Desi Cow's raw, unprocessed milk in Mumbai was a tough task i was upto, I am well aware about benifits of Indian Desi Cow's A2 milk, thanks to my upbringing in a Desi Cow loving family, so i kept searching for genuine Desi Cow's Vedic A2 milk in Mumbai. Many people boast of supplying Desi Cow's milk in Mumbai but as soon as i told them that i want to visit their farm, all of them backed off and made excuses to avoid me from visiting their farm or source from where they are procuring milk. Then, i approched Raaghav ji from Vita Farms as well, when i called him, the first thing he told me was to visit his farm. Bingo!! I felt like i have found a genuine source of A2 milk, it was Sunday after 3 days so i decided to visit Vita Farms and once i saw the farm, all my doubts got cleared within 1 hour, the way they pamper their cows, the Ayurvedic herbs they feed to their cows apart from nutritious diet is so amazing, be it milk giving cows or claves, bulls, heifers, all of them are pampered with same love and affection, i think there are a very few farms in India which are at par with Vita farms, be it hygeine, desi Gir cow's breed etc. None of their cows or calves is tied, none of their cows is ill treated with harmonal injection or artifical insemination, no preservatives are used in milk, also,the farm is located in a peaceful village on Bhiwandi-Nashik highway. I am drinking Vita Farm's milk since more than a year now, my body's immunity has increased many folds, coughing, sneezing type of small diseases don't even touch me, my body's Vitamins, Minerals,especially Vitamin D levels have increased drastically, thanks to Vita Farms. It is not just milk, it is actually a divine nectar straight from mother cow to your home.

Vivek Sharma, Businessman

Every morning, The day begins in our household with Vitafarms fresh, Unadulterated, Pure, Organic A2 milk delivered directly from the farm to our doorstep.
Coming June, it would be completion of a year, of my association with Mr. Raaghav Aggarwal and his Vitafarms. Since then, my experience has always been pleasant and wholesome and never once have been disappointed with the service, delivery, pricing, quality, consistency and taste of the milk.
Wishing Vitafarms the very best in their pursuit and passion for spreading cheers and good health.

Preethi Ganesh